Houdini Museum Scranton Trip Advisor reviews Guided Tour Magic Show 3

Houdini Museum Scranton Trip Advisor Guided Tour Magic Show Reviews 3

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Royal Oak, Michigan
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"A blast from the past"
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Trip Advisor Houdini Museum Reviewed September 2, 2010

I know that the Harry Houdini is not for everyone. If you don't like cheesy or over the top or vaudeville, then you shouldn't go. For me on the other hand, I couldn't stop talking about the place. It was a 3 hour magic show, we showed up right at open. It was a genuine pleasure to sit through the 3 hours. I laughed so hard my cheeks hurt. My kids were fascinated by the magic and genuinely nervous with the sword through the body trick. If you have the right mindset then go and enjoy.

Tolland, CT
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"informative and run by professional Mugicians"
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Trip Advisor Houdini Museum Reviewed August 9, 2010

This was a great tribute to the life of Harry Houdini. The staff do their best with it to convey the importance that Harry Houdini contributed to the world of Magic. I was afraid that we might get rushed through, but it was quite the contrary, we ended up being there over 3 hours. We were brought through 2 rooms, one was a chronology of Houdini's life and the host "Bravo the Great" did a great job recounting the life of Houdini. then we went in the cluttered room full of Houdini Memorabilia. Some of the stuff was priceless like the 3 straight jackets that were used by Houdini, and the pictures of Houdini's parents from his house. The museum could definately use more space.

Our tour ended with a magic show that involved several people from our group. Definitely old school classic magic. Dorothy Dietrich did a 30 minute show that was fantastic, the kids loved it and she really is a great magician. Bravo the great did a few really cool "slight of Hand" type tricks as well.

Overall a memorable experience that I would recommend highly.

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"Great Museum and magic show, but get there early."
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Trip Advisor Houdini Museum Reviewed August 5, 2010

Free parking in the rear alley. Great showmanship, friendly staff. Thorough excellent tour. Magic show that everyone enjoyed. We will go again.

Ashland, Kentucky
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"great presentation - pleasantly surprised"
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Trip Advisor Houdini Museum Reviewed July 20, 2010

My extended family (brother and two sisters) and my children (ages 11, 9, and 6) were very entertained with this small establishment. We initially thought this small house in the historic district was the wrong address, but were pleasantly surprised with the magic show. It definitely has a "small" feel to it, but the small audience led to a very interactive experience. The magicians were very talented and good showmanship with all ages of the audience.

Lakewood, New Jersey
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"Wonderfully weird"
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Trip Advisor Houdini Museum Reviewed July 5, 2010

If the word "museum" conjures up images of dry little plaques, stilted exhibitions and glass-cased antiquities, look no further than the Houdini Museum to find an antidote to the stereotype. The collection is incredible, with dozens -- if not hundreds -- of pieces of Houdiniana, but it's the curators' enthusiasm & knowledge of Houdini's strange, exciting life that makes the museum shine. It's a very interactive experience -- questions are encouraged, you get to watch footage of Houdini performing, and it ends with a live magic show that blows your birthday-party magicians out of the water. A must-see.

New Jersey
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"Unique Personalized Magical Experience"
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Trip Advisor Houdini Museum Reviewed September 10, 2009

We have visited twice. It is easy to be entertained by Dorothy and "Bravo the Great." They are experience magicians, and willing to share their personal knowledge of Houdini's life - AND current magicians. The show is up closer and personal, and their collection of Houdini memorabilia is rare and worth careful examination. This is NOT Hollywood or Times Square, it is 'the real thing.' People with a dedication to the art of prestidigitation and the memory of perhaps the greatest practitioner, Harry Houdini.

Atlanta, GA
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"Suprisingly good"
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Trip Advisor Houdini Museum Reviewed August 23, 2009

I walked into the Houdini museum, into a room just packed with... stuff. Magic props, stuff...
The tour was wonderful. The museum is an old house full of rooms packed with memorabilia - doesn't seem like much at first, but the tour guides made it fabulous. So much sincerity and enthusiasm in their tour, and so much interesting detail.
The best part was the magic show at the end. Rabbits were pulled out of hats, women were levitated. It's the kind of fun people rarely have in a world of Playstations and big-screen tvs. It was nice to know that even though the secrets to pulling a rabbit out of hat are available on the Internet, it can still bring a smile to my face to see it done. It was old-fashioned and hokey and just heart-warmingly good. I can't believe how much I enjoyed it.

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Trip Advisor Houdini Museum Reviewed August 6, 2009

You gotta bring the family to the Houdini Museum in Scranton. The absolute best value in entertainment, education and just plain fun!!! Dorothy Dietrich and The Great Bravo were superb showmen. Any of their information/entertainment packed tours will leave you amazed, astounded, entertained, educated, and without a doubt very satisfied at having made this trip. The place is packed with priceless Houdini memorabilia that would take years for anybody to carefully peruse, and the show is outstanding!!! Dogs, doves, ducks and levitation are just a small part of this great presentation. GO!!!

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"This Place Is GREAT!"
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Trip Advisor Houdini Museum Reviewed July 18, 2009

I recently stopped by the Houdini Museum one day during a vacation to the Scranton area. Northeastern PA has a ton of great things to see and do, and the Houdini Museum is one of the area's best attractions!
The museum is located in a neighborhood setting, in what looks to be a converted home. Park in the lot around back and don't let the appearance fool you. Inside you will find knowledgeable guides who explain historical Houdini memorabilia and answer questions. It's a fun glimpse of the past and a nice window into the world of magic, escapology (?), and Houdini.
After the tour, visitors are treated to a magic show (the magicians led our tour and also performed the show) complete with a wide variety of tricks and even levitation of one audience member! I still can't figure out how they did that...
I did a little research afterwards and it turns out Dorothy Dietrich from this museum is a well known, very accomplished stage magician and escapologist who is one of the few women in the world to have caught a bullet with her teeth!??! Wonder why she did not do that trick during our show at the Museum...
Leave yourself at least 3 hours for this, and call ahead to see when the tours / shows are running. To sum it up, this is not your typical sterile touristy museum. It has a ton of character, is run by a talented and dedicated staff, and the overall experience is priceless.

Libby C
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
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Trip Advisor Houdini Museum
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"Fun Experience"
4 of 5 stars
Reviewed September 15, 2013

The tour was fun and informative. The staff was friendly. It was a good experience. I enjoyed the magic show and learning about Houdini.
Visited September 2013

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"It Will Be a Visit to Remember"
4 of 5 stars
Trip Advisor Houdini Museum Reviewed July 17, 2013

The Houdini Museum is a work of love for its two owners. You'll get a tour of this house-turned-museum and learn about the World's Greatest Magician. This is followed by a magic show that is up-close and personal. My kids LOVED it and still talk about it. Plus, to be honest, it was fun to do an old-fashioned tourist attraction that wasn't all slick and professional.
Visited August 2012

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"I felt the wonder of being a kid again"
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Trip Advisor Houdini Museum Reviewed August 20, 2012

Great magic show. The museum felt like a visit to Houdini's attic. There was also film clips of Houdini and movies made about him.
Visited July 2012

Cocoa, Florida
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"lots of magical history"
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Trip Advisor Houdini Museum Reviewed July 23, 2012

Visited this musuem and was suprised at the detail given by the hosts. The museum sits in an old house in Scranton. The hosts give you a wonderful history of houdini's life and they top off the visit with a very nice magic show which all the kids will love. the visit lasts about 4 hours. you do get your monies worth.
Visited July 2012

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