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On a recent television it was claimed Houdini was MURDERED by Jocelyn Gordon Whitehead. We do not believe that is so. We do however believe J. Gordon Whitehead was tracking Houdini's every move in Montreal, was intent in punching Houdini to do some harm, but did not intend for Houdini to die.


Most people do not realize that Bess Houdini was turned down for the double indemnity payment of Houdini's life insurance policy that could help set her up for life. When she was turned down high powered lawyer Bernard Ernst went into action and put together a scenario that would assure her of getting the extra money. J. Gordon Whitehead was much older than most college students by about 10 or 12 years, not a boxer, even according to his brother, as often wrongly claimed, but a "student of divinity" and a muscular construction worker and member of the college boating team. He was an oddball, reclusive, off the beaten path, later studied far out stuff like Dianetics, the precursor of Scientology, probably gave readings, served time in prison for stealing books including one on the 'Science' of Handwriting and its link to mediums, etc. He died of malnutrition, due to probably being an alcoholic or drug addict. You could hardly enter his apartment which was filled to the ceiling with about 6 tons of back issue newspapers. They had to call the fire department to have them removed. Bernard Ernst had the three give affidavits, which he may had a hand in writing so the would agree and fit the "accident" story. We believe Jocelyn Gordon Whitehead was glad to go along with the "accidental death" story since having caused Houdini's death he thought he could be up for a murder charge. When Ernst looked over the affidavits he asked the three who were in the room to make some changes that would made a stronger case fort being an 'accident'. The two boys who were in the room when it happened agreed, since they felt it was in line with the facts, but J, Gordon Whitehead, who now realized he needed his own legal help, declined on the advice of his lawyer, so his statement stayed the same, though it was in line in general accident story.

So, if you like us, when reading the Houdini biographies, felt the dressing room tale did not sound quite right this is part of the reason.

Houdini was a strong willed guy who believed in mind over matter. He was strong and full of self denial when it came to pain. On one occasion, when a doctor told him an injury needed him to take time off, Houdini did not listen. He sent the doctor a note for many years on the anniversary of the date the doctor told him to take time off. He would have been the type who would have ignored the pain, as I know he did on many other occasions, even having worked with bruises and broken bones. By ignoring warning signs of pain in some ways it could be said that he caused his own death. MORE OF OUR RESEARCH TO FOLLOW!

Dorothy Dietrich & Dick Brookz

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