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Oil Painting belonging to the Parent Assembly of the Society of American Magicians to be back on display at Scranton's Houdini Museum, Tour & Magic Show.

Society of American Magicians Houdini Painting

For many years in New York City's Magic Towne House this painting was displayed and protected in our mini Houdini Museum display there. When a new president of the organization he took back the painting along with a plastic resin bust of Houdini similar to the one that was at the grave site that we also were displaying and protecting. At the time we took them in no one else was interested in watching over them. Many said he kept them at his private office to show friends. Since that time neither the painting or the bust has been available to be seen by the public. We have since singed an agreement with the Society of American Magicians through Tom Klem to be able to display the painting again. It is our understanding that no one is sure where the bust is, though through our constant requests for its location, it may have been found. We would also love to have this on display again for the public to see. The one at the grave has been destroyed or stolen.

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