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Sworn Affidavit of JULIA SAUER Harry Houdini Museum
The Sworn Affidavit of JULIA SAUER that got Bess Houdini double the insurance money
The estate of Harry Houdini vs the New York Life Insurance Company.
The parts in RED are over 260 words that are word for word identical to the sworn affidavit of Julia KARCHERE
Including the final 116 word run on sentence probably dictated to an illiterate assistant by Bess's Lawyer
This is a lie since Houdini was sick to the stomach during this tour and years later Smilovitz and Price (people in the room) said Houdini set himself for the punches..


  JULIA SAUER, being duly sworn, deposes and says:
I reside at 413 South 4th Street, Brooklyn, N.Y.

During the years 1925 and 1936, I was a private
secretary of the late Harry Houdini. I also was a member
of the company in which Mr, Houdini was appearing on the
stage. I saw Houdini almost daily during the entire period
above referred to.

His health and physical condition during such
period was excellent, with the exception of an accident
which he sustained to his ankle while playing at Albany,
N. Y. in the autumn of 1926. He seemed to be in robust
health, was extremely active in connection with the various
enterprises and so far as I know,was not ill or suffering
from any indisposition.

I am told that it has been stated that Houdini
was ill on the train after his performances at Schenectady
and while he was going to Montreal, This is not true, I
was with him on this trip, and with the exception of a
i natural discomfort because of his injured ankle, he was not
sick in any other particular or in any other way. It is
I not true, as was stated, that he vomited on the train dur-
ing this trip or had any stomach ailment or indisposition
I whatsoever. Neither was he sick or confined to bed at any
time during the summer of 1926 as far as I know, and I saw
him practically every day during such summer.

I was with the late Harry Houdini on Friday, Oct-
ober 22nd, 1926 at the Princess Theatre, Montreal, Canada.
About the middle of the day, there being no matinee on that
day, I, together with Miss Julia
Karchere and other members
of Houdini's company, left Houdini to go to luncheon. We
did not return to the theatre until the middle of the after-
noon. Upon returning, we found Houdini in pain and he stated
to us that he had been violently struck a number of times by
a student of McGill University. He said that three students
of the University had called on him in his.dressing room and
he had made the remark that his physical condition was such
that blows did not bother him and that he would permit him-
self to be struck to prove that what he said was true. He
further stated that he was lying down at the time and intend-
ed of course, to stand up and brace himself and prepare for
such blows as might have been delivered, but that while he
was actually engaged in reading his mail, and before he had
an opportunity to anticipate the striking of blows or to pre-
pare for them, one of the students, possibly because of a
misunderstanding of his remark's, had struck him violently a
number of times from a standing position, such blows being
delivered in the neighborhood of his abdomen and before he
had an opportunity to prepare for them and without his know-
ing that they would be struck while he was reclining and
reading his mail.

Sworn to before me this
7th day of May, 1927

New York Co. Clk's No. 157 Reg. No. 9046
Kings Co. Clk's No. 11 Reg. No. 9060
Bronx Co. Clk's No. 7, Ref No. 2909
Term Expires March 30 1929.

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