HOUDINI: Available Harry Houdini Posters! from the Harry Houdini Museum in the Scranton, Pocono, PA region. The greatest magician, escape artist and lock picker of all time.

WARNING!!! All Poster images have been computer enhanced and reworked by us and are copyrighted by The Harry Houdini Museum. Most posters have been SOLD OUT since 2005 and are not available. Do not copy with out written permission. The following souvenirs are available by mailing the quoted price plus 20% if under $25.00 (over $25.00 add 15%, over $50.00 add 10%) of the total for shipping in the United States, to The Harry Houdini Museum, 1433 N. Main Ave., Scranton, PA 18508. Out of USA destinations add appropriate postage. Proceeds go toward the operation of the museum and this site. If do not send proper postage we will have to leave a item out from the order, so please be fair.