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2019 Milbourne Christopher Foundation Award
New London, Connecticut
The committee has unanimously voted the following
2019 Award Lifetime Achievement: Dorothy Dietrich & Dick Brookz
2019 Milbourne Christopher Awards Presentation at the Garde Arts Center, New London, Connecticut
September 28, 2019
Christopher Foundation 1991-2019 * 28 Years of Incorporation

Dorothy Dietrich and Dick Brookz have had a lifetime of achievements .

For fifteen years they owned and ran The Magic Towne House, the first ever Magic Theater & Cabaret in a four story building in the affluent upper East Side of New York City.

Creating a Magic Theater or Night Club in New York City was a dream of many such as Thurston, Houdini, David Copperfield, Doug Henning and others. The top floor was the original Houdini Museum in New York.

Others who started there and were mentored by them include Eric DeCamps, David Regal, Michael Chaut, Glenn Gazin, Jeff McBride, Johnny Ace Palmer, Joseph Pepitone (Devlin), Joe Raven, Tom Frank, Rocco Silano, Peter Samelson, Meir Yedid, Peter Kougasian, Levent, Gary Williams, Joe Shroeder, Otto and George, Imam and countless others. Clients included Carly Simon, Kieth Richards, Dianna Ross, Donald Trump, David Merrick, Stevie Wonder, Bill Cosby, Peter Paul and Mary, Johnny Carson, The Copacabana, The Waldorf Astoria, etc. .

They revived the career of satirist Brother Theodore who they pulled out of retirement for a very successful three year run of performances. It brought Brother Theodore new fans, recognition and acclaim in his later years starting with Tom Snyder's Tomorrow Show in 1977, which had also featured Dorothy Dietrich. Theodore made 16 appearances on NBC's David Letterman show followed by numerous TV appearances and movies.

The Wikipedia bio of Dorothy Dietrich sums her up saying, "best known as the first and only woman to have performed the bullet catch in her mouth, and the first woman to perform a straitjacket escape while suspended hundreds of feet in the air from a burning rope. She was the first woman to gain prominence as an escape artist since the days of Houdini, breaking the glass ceiling for women in the field of escapes and magic. The 2006 Columbia Encyclopedia included Dietrich among their eight most noted magicians of the late 20th century"

Television shows in which she has appeared along with Dick Brrookz include:

The World's Greatest Escapes as "Special Guest Star" on a Home Box Office Special starring Tony Curtis

The Tom Snyder Show along with Kiss

Atlantic City Alive

Evening Magazine

The Montel Williams Show

Twice with Rich Little on You Asked For It

Real People

The Travel Channel's Magic Road Trip

The Travel Channel's Mysteries at the Museum

TV Land's Myths & Legends

PBS Conversations

PBS On The Pennsylvania Road

PBS Strange and Unusual Museums

Exploring The Unknown

Biography Channel's Dead Famous-Houdini

Just For The Record, The Best of Everything

Behind The Scene with Jonathan Winters

Klein Time with Robert Klein

Man and His Mysteries with Dick Van Patten

Jean-Pierre Ferland's Autobus du show business - CBC (three segments)

KDKA Pittsburg Evening News Bullet Catch Story

OLN Canada Steve Santini's Deals From The Dark Side, also shown in Australia, England, and in the USA on the SyFi Channel

Mentioned in a 3-minute bullet catch segment on House MD. Year 8, Segment 8, Perils of Paranoia 2012.

"Mysteries At The Museum" 2012 Houdini Mirror Cuffs

Huff Post TV 2013 on Houdini's Birthday

NPR 2013 Weekend edition on the Trials and Tribulation of being a woman in a man's field.

"Mysteries At The Museum". Season 23, Episode 8 titled "Scared To Death"

Dorothy did what most thought was not possible...She broke the glass ceiling for women in magic. When Dorothy started out with her love of Magic, she was strongly discouraged. She persisted and put together her first Magic Show. After reading that Houdini ran away from home at twelve, she ran away to NYC to follow her passion...Magic. At first there was strong adversity from agents, telling her there's no way any of my clients want to see a woman doing Magic. "If you strip during your show, you'll make a fortune. I could book that." She developed a record breaking opening flash act where she did more tricks in three minutes than most magicians do in a half hour that included 4 doves, two ducks, a rabbit, and a poodle. She did tricks even male magicians backed away from, and even sawed men in half. She kept her values, determined that it would change and won.

Dorothy Dietrich, assisted by Dick, starred in the Home Box Office special The World's Greatest Escapes hosted by superstar Tony Curtis who played Houdini in the Paramount Pictures film "Houdini."

After the Magic Towne House Dorothy & Dick created the successful long and still running venue, The Houdini Museum, Tour & Magic Show in Scranton, PA, the only building in the world dedicated to Houdini.

For many years they have taken care of the Houdini's long neglected grave site. They continue to this day with the added help of The Society of American Magicians (SAM). The SAM wouldn't be an international organization with such a huge membership if it weren't for Houdini, who promoted it everywhere he traveled.

They also replaced the vandalized Houdini bust at his grave at a cost of $10,000. They received a Certificate of Appreciation from the SAM for their work on the Houdini Gravesite.

For the past ten years, they both made regular appearances on the Travel Channel's Mysteries At The Museum.

They both received the rare and coveted Presidential Citation from SAM for their work in promoting magic worldwide.

While serving as president of her local assembly, Dorothy Dietrich received the SAM Milbourne Christopher Award for largest percentage increase in membership.

An award was given to them from the United States Postal Service (USPS) for their work in getting the Houdini Stamp promoted and produced.

They negotiated with collector Larry Weeks to get Houdini's best film The Grim Game restored and shown to the world by Turner Classic Movies.

In an effort to share their passion for Houdini, and gain new interest in Houdini's legendary life and work, they created HoudiniOpoly.