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HOUDINI LIVES! The latest Harry Houdini headline is that several people including family want to exhume his body to settle once and for all the exact cause of his death. They are making a big thing that there was never an autopsy. This would be natural since Harry Houdini family was Jewish. Just heard from the closest living relatives of Harry Houdini on his wife's family side. Ruth, neice of Harry Houdini's wife, Bess; and Jeff Blood, Harry Houdini's grand nephew. The family is totally against this project of having Harry Houdini exhumed. They are closer to Harry Houdini than the others. Family member Ruth, feels Bess would have been horrified by of the thought of exhuming Harry Houdini. Several magicians who are influential in the Society of American Magicians have also come out against it. The SAM, as it is known, has paid for the upkeep of the grave, and has acted as its protector since Harry Houdini's death. Our own Dorothy Dietrich was interviewed CBS Morning News show. We do know this... before he died there were many threats against his life by swindlers, crooks and phony spiritualists. He wrote friends and told his wife Bess before Harry Houdini died that he did not expect to live long because of the threats he was getting from them. When Harry Houdini announced he was going to attempt the Jinxed bullet catch, the then Dean of Magicians wrote Harry Houdini ... Do not do it, you have too many enemies in the underworld who will seek to do a job on you. That same year Harry Houdini died he went to Washington DC to try to have a law passed making it a felony to claim to talk to the dead. Harry Houdini was even attacked backstage in Montreal by a fanatic student who had first asked him if he believed in the miracles of the Bible. Harry Houdini even had in his program of his traveling show that year a $10,000.00 challenge if they could produce any spiritualist manifestations that he could not prove was a fake or duplicate. Harry Houdini went from town to town exposing them with a vengence. Harry Houdini had threats from many spiritualists including Arthur Conan Doyle, author of the Sherlock Holmes series, and from Margery, well known spiritualist of the Harry Houdini era. We tell much of this story in our Psychic Theater Production of "Haunted! Mind Mysteries and THE Beyond!" that has been running in our theater for the past 2 years. The Harry Houdini Museum has seen to it to have a Harry Houdini expert on call 24 hours a day during these difficult days.

A word copy of the Harry Houdini Family Letter sent to the Harry Houdini Museum can be found by clicking here

A text version of the Harry Houdini family letter can be found by clicking here

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