Houdini Film-Museum Tour & Magic Show

Library of congress -"(they)cover many aspects of the great magician's life."

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FOR INFO Call 570 342-5555, or 570 383-1821 or 570 383-9297

USA ROAD TRIP "Top 10 Greatest Destinations", NEW YORK TIMES -"high quality entertainment."
PHILADELPHIA INQUIRER-"top-notch" "amazing"
TRAVEL CHANNEL- "must-see" "wonderful show by famous magicians.
Lots of laughs-live animals & audience participation-for all ages"
ROAD TRIP AMERICA-"first-rate magic show" "a spellbound audience"
BEST-THINGS-PENSYLVANIA-"Fun, wonderful major happening." "Amazing, exciting. Family friendly."
"World's Only Building devoted to Houdini. Can be seen no where else."
THE BEST THINGS TO DO IN SCRANTON-"Magic Royalty" "legendary"
"be prepared to be amazed" "3 hour tour/show"
PENNSYLVANIA DAY TRIPS-"one of the most unique museums & attractions in the world."
"great family fun" "Show includes two of the best, nationally known magicians."

We answer the phone every day of the year.
AIR CONDITIONED. creditcardlogos
Reserved Seating. Discounted & Assured.
Tickets not cancelable after 24 hours, after that we try to move it to a different date.
1433 N. Main AVE (NOT Main St), Scranton, PA. Free parking.
Calls taken DAILY 9 AM-9 PM. (except during shows & private parties)
Private Birthday Parties & Company events can be set up any day of the year.
The Only Building in the World Dedicated to Houdini.

Takes up to 3 hours & more.

Ticket pricing for the 3 hour tour, film & magic show;
Adult Front Row VIP Ticketed Seats $49.95, Regular Ticketed Seats $39.95, Children 11 & Younger Tickets $29.95.
The event is too long for children under 4, so to keep the experience happy & fun for all they are not permitted.

EXCITING NEWS!!! Sold out this weekend at The Houdini Museum.

This year our two magicians won The Society of American Magicians most prestigious award "The Magicians of the Year!"

<td> This weekend. 
 <hr width= game

We won! 2022 Voted #1 of all
the areas main attractions



New 336 page Best Selling Book by hit writer Joe Posnanski.
Inside cover is a photo of our Houdini Museum Entrance!
border="3" houdinimuseumbook

CLICK to go to Dorothy Dietrich's website

The Life and Afterlife of Harry Houdini. Tells about our own Dorothy Dietrich as "a woman who runs away from home to become a nationally known magician." While they last, TRIPLE AUTOGRAPHED copies at the regular retail price. A large portion of the book talks about our contribution to The Afterlife of Harry Houdini. $28 - FREE SHIPPING. LIMITED SUPPLY. 570 342-5555 OR 570 383-1821 OR 570 383-9297.

We found Houdini's best film "The Grim Game" lost for 97 years.


This is The Grim Game Movie Poster (Silent Directed by Irvin Willat) Movie will play here
The Grim Game Movie 



A surprise Halloween Zoom event happened. On Oct. 31 last year when Dorothy Dietrich & Dick Brookz did histories largest Houdini Seance, (201 people), when we MAY have reached Houdini???. At 1:26 PM, the exact time of Houdini's death when a printing block Houdini owned flipped over across the table. If you want to see a 53 second video when it happened go to this Youtube video of when it happened.
It was not planned!!! Luckly John Cox of the web site WildaboutHoudini.com videoed it (His link!) This is the picture on the printing block that fell.

Click the following links for other RAVE reviews. 

Click here for our Trip Advisor reviews... TripAdvisorTop 10 Greatest USA ROAD TRIP Destinations includes Ripley's Believe It or Not!, Henry Ford Museum, Hoover Dam, Niagara Falls, the Grand Canyon and THE HOUDINI MUSEUM!

 Road Trip America.com"first-rate magic show" "a spellbound audience"

Kid Friendly "Family Fun" - The Travel Channel's Magic Road Trip says "a must-see" "wonderful magic show - nationally known magicians Dorothy Dietrich & Bravo the Great. Lots of laughs-live animals & audience fun for all ages-nothing scary for little ones"

best-things-pennsylvania "Fun, wonderful major event. Amazing, exciting - family friendly. World's Only Building devoted to most famous magician of all time, Houdini. Can be seen no where else. The New York Times, says -"high quality entertainment. Great for age 3 to 93. fabulous stage magic show with noted magicians & live animals including doves, a rabbit, ducks, etc. See film footage of Houdini not shown anywhere else" 

USA TODAY-Travel Tips "For all ages-magic acts that incorporate live animals including doves, ducks, a rabbit, plus guided tour"

Getaway Mavens-Best Thing to Do in Scranton PA "3 hour tour/show-parking lot in the back."""be prepared to be amazed-Houdini Museum founders, Dorothy Dietrich & Dick Brookz, are well known, & considered "Magic Royalty". Dietrich was coined "The Female Houdini,"-her escapes are legendary, worked with Tony Curtis, & Bill Cosby, sawed Robert Klein in half on national TV-is the only woman to have done the Bullet Catch stunt, a trick that Houdini refused to do. Dietrich also gained international attention by escaping from a straightjacket hanging upside-down 150 feet in the air suspended by a burning rope. Isla Fisher in the hit movie, "Now You See Me", was based on Dietrich.

 Pennsylvania Day Trips"great fun for the family" "one of the most unique museums & attractions in the world. Includes two of the best, nationally known magicians, Dorothy Dietrich & John Bravo"

Philadelphia Inquirer"Houdini Museum offers memorabilia & top-notch acts" "using doves, a rabbit, ducks -they float a boy picked from the audience that my husband is still pondering."

Dorothy Dietrich Wikipedia page on Dorothy Dietrich

 MiniMysteriesAtTheMuseumLogo     Mysteries At The Museum
Our latest segment on "Mysteries At The Museum" will run thru the year. 

 TV's longest running series running for 23 seasons. This Episode-titled "Scared to Death"-features a 9 minute story with Dorothy Dietrich discussing Houdini's death-& highlights The Water Torture & asks "was Houdini Murdered or poisoned by the Spiritualists?" Check their site for our other showings. Dietrich Mirror Cuffs, 

An historic event! DOROTHY DIETRICH DOING THE 2018 BROKEN WAND CEREMONY FOR HOUDINI. In all the years the broken wand ceremony has been done as a tribute to Houdini this is the first time it was done by a woman! 

Official site of Houdini Museum Attraction.

Harry Houdini Attraction Things to Pennsylvania in the 
Pocono, Poconos Mountain

*LINK-Frequently Asked Questions on our movie, tours, magicians & show.
The full fun experience takes 2 1/2 to 3 hours.

A non-stop wonderful major event. Amazing, exciting, historic, & family friendly. Fun & educational. The World's Only Building devoted Harry Houdini. He did special challenges in our area. Can be seen no where else. The New York Times called our events "high quality entertainment." Great for all ages, from 3 to 93. With noted professional magicians & live animals including doves, a rabbit, & ducks. Includes the rarest film footage of Harry Houdini not shown anywhere else. N ot to be missed. 

See us float an audience member in the air, pass a hoop around them & float them back down. Featuring Dorothy Dietrich & Dick Brookz.

* As with all ticketed events reservations are not cancelable, but we will make our best effort to reschedule you for another date. All sales are final. 

1433 N Main Ave. (not Street) Scranton, PA.
I-81 to exit 190 (Main Ave., not Street) left two miles. Subject to availability. Non scary & motivational too. The fun event can take 2 1/2 hours or longer. in the Scranton, Wilkes Barre, Pocono, Poconos, Stroudsburg, NE PA Pennsylvania area. Available at other times for bus, school, party groups & corporate events.

For groups, 20 or more, we can open any day-morning, afternoon or evening, 365 days a year.

HIGHLY AIR CONDITIONED ALL THE WAY! Picked by the Travel Channel as a top attraction for magic in the ENTIRE world. Our magicians are world famous & have performed in Las Vegas, Atlantic City, on HBO specials, Biography Channel, ABC, CBS, NBC, Ripley's, "You Asked for it," Montel Williams, etc.
Call (570) 342-5555, (570) 383-1821, (570) 383-9297

Links to Houdini Museum's appearances on NBC's The Office
***** END OF SECTION ***** 

*LINK-"HAUNTED!" A Fun Psychic & Seance Evening. 

Close up of our theater area.
Click to see a few pictures of the Harry Houdini tour

CLICK HERE to view part of the interior. Room features photos of Houdini's mother & father from Houdini's home, & a copy of the bust we replaced at Houdini's grave at a cost of $10,000.
Call now! (570) 383-1821
NEW! Click here for information on our BIRTHDAY PARTIES available 7 days a week.

 Free Parking. Enter front or back.
From the East (NY, NJ, Stroudsburg, etc. 80W to 380N to 81N.
From the North East. 84 W to 380 N to 81 N. From the West (Pittsburgh. 80W to 81N.
From the South (Philia, etc) Tpk Extension 476N to Pittston exit to 81 N.
From Allentown, etc. 33N to 80W to 380N to 81N

Houdini Museum in Scranton

exterior of Houdini Museum

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One of the Houdini Museum exhibit rooms in a 150 year old historic building and one time disco .

Click to see few pictures taken during a Houdini Museum tour

Press here to get our summer schedule of shows and tours

Click for Directions

We need your help in supporting our historic projects like these! We also keep up othere historic sites such as DellODell.com, JoanBrandon.com, LarryWeeks.info, BulletCatch.com, etc. We cannot continue alone. We are a 501 C-3 Non profit. All donations are tax deductible.

Click here for our Birthday Party information. Available seven days a week.
JB of Scranton says "Kids love it and it is more personal and fun than Chuck E. Cheese!"


 Houdini Museum in Scranton


Featured on the Travel Channel "Mysteries At The Museum" Houdini's Most Famous Escape!

Houdini & Doyle! Yet another Travel Channel "Mysteries At The Museum" appearance.

Musteries At The Museum
Link-Travel Channel Mysteries at the Museum with Dorothy Dietrich promo

Recently featured on the Huffington Post TV show. and NPR Weekend edition.

The action hit movie "Now You See Me" used Dorothy's career and work as inspiration for role.
Isla Fisher Dorothy Dietrich Now You See Me

We recently restored Houdini's bust to world wide acclaim. Destroyed by vandals 40 years ago!

This years annual Halloween event took place in NYC in a building Houdini lived. Click here for press release



Houdini Smile
Click! NBC TV News story about Houdini grave

We restored Houdini's bust to his grave site missing for 36 years. Click for text of story-Long Island Newsday.

Click for pictures of our historic restoring of Houdini's bust missing from his gravesite 36 years.

Dorothy Dietrich discovers the truth about the female statue on Houdini's grave site. Long a mystery.

BEST OF THE BEST!!! Houdini Museum chosen best museum in all of NE PA & best exhibit.
Text of NE PA story.

A Travel Channel special featured us as one of the top places in the world for magic on "MAGIC ROAD TRIP". See it in person in Scranton. 

Award given by the US Post office to the Houdini Museum, Dorothy Dietrich & Dick Brookz for help on the Houdini stamp,

3rd feature story this season on "Mysteries At The Musuem"

We've done the Original Houdini Seance for 30 years on Halloween. We do them in New York City at NY's original Houdini Museum, now in Scranton, PA. Also at his house on 113 St., and at his first home in NYC, etc. Pictured at one of our Houdini seances are magic legends Walter B. Gibson (in overcoat), Dorothy Dietrich, and Milbourne Christopher. Walter, Houdini's ghostwriter & confidant wrote the famous Shadow series and over 2,000 books, many on magic as well as on Houdini. Bess Houdini asked him to continue the Original Houdini Seances when she stopped. He passed on the legacy, responsibility and honor to celebrity magician Dorothy Dietrich, who's on our Board of Directors .Lately 10 or so people have begun to copy us, hoping to cash in, and charging from $25 to $100. Bess Houdini asked the seances not be done for monetary gain. We have NEVER AND WILL NEVER CHARGE AN ADMISSION FEE.
Houdini Poster
Recently found information
Houdini in Williamsport
Houdini's early days in Williamsport, PA

Click here for new page on J. Gordon Whitehead "The Man Who Killed Houdini.

Click for our Harry Houdini School Study Guide for school field trips and PTA or PTO School Assembly Programs. PTA or PTO SCHOOL ASSEMBLY PROGRAM TEACHERS AND PARENTS ... for students K-12. Includes many features from "Character Counts" and Gardner's Multiple Intelligences theory. Click here for our School Assembly Programs.

Available any day 12 months a year for bus groups, schools, a fundraiser, parties, birthdays, etc.

We're also responsible for the yearly famous Halloween Houdini Seance on the anniversary of Houdini's death, that was done by Houdini's wife and then passed on to biographer and writer of the Shadow series Walter B. Gibson who, before he died, passed it on to our Dorothy Dietrich. Annual Halloween event. Click here for more information

We also supply top notch magicians for Trade Shows, Corporate Events, Malls, Colleges, close up magic, stage shows, etc.

If you can't get to the museum, we invented HoudiniOpoly so you can experience us right in your home!
Playing the game is almost as good as a tour of the museum. (but No Magic Show!)
Designed so every time you play different fun Houdini facts come up!

Click here to learn more & order at HoudiniOpoly.com. Fun & Educational!

Newly found HOUDINI written book! "The Zanetti Mystery," discovered by Joe M. Notaro and written BY HOUDINI in 1925, a romantic detective thriller (partly ghostwritten). This 8 Chapter novel was serialized for 8 weeks in Newspapers around the country, but never published as a book.
The paperback combines Houdini's love of mystery with his crusade against fraudulent mediums. The character of Zanetti shows the dark side of HOUDINI; what HOUDINI feared he could have become had he shifted to the racket of spiritualist trickery. HOUDINI would sometimes play
Zanetti on stage during his exposure act. Original illustrations, & a bibliography of other HOUDINI works. $24.99 Call (310) 384-4607

Link to info on 2019 Milbourne Lifetime Achievement Award given to Dorothy Dietrich & Dick Brookz

( Different spooky event) A totally different event with separate times, pricing and admission.

HAUNTED! Mind Mysteries & THE Beyond.
Seats available by reservation only. Mostly Saturday evenings with other evenings in September, October and November. A completely separate evening event put on by Psychic Theater. "Haunted! Mind Mysteries & THE Beyond" is available year round by reservation only. A different and unique event. A 3 hour plus event ADVANCE RESERVATIONS REQUIRED. Mentalism, mind reading, telekinesis, & sightless vision. Learn the story of the murder/suicide/electrocution in this 150 year old historic home. Attend a seance in the dark, which is part of this highly acclaimed 3 hour plus paranormal event! Picked by the Pennsylvania Department of Tourism as one of the ten most haunted places in the state! Not for the weak of heart! No pacemakers please. We dare you to stay to the end! We suggest you reserve several days or weeks in advance. $35.00. Often sold out - Free refreshments (soda, cookies, pizza, etc.) at intermission. As with most theatrical persentations reservations are not refundable. However we will make our best effort to seat you at another performance for up to a year or more.
For more information Go to PsychicTheater.com


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Our School Assembly Programs
Poster display from our Harry Houdini Grade, Middle and High School Assembly Shows
Best Role Model, Harry Houdini! Harry Houdini Study Guide. About 60 pages.

Harry Houdini Museum directors help launch the book, "Houdini!!!" Pictured are Author Kenneth Silverman (Houdini book author) , Dorothy Dietrich and Dick Brookz. Dietrich & Brookz were booked by the publishers, (Harper Collins) to perform on the big stage for the New York City Book Fair and our Houdini exhibit took first prize of the entire Fair. The fair attracted over 200,000 people.

World's only ongoing traveling Houdini exhibitm HoudiniDisplays.com
Press release about the exhibit

About the book, Houdini!!!

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Slide show of World's only ongoing traveling Houdini exhibit at HoudiniDisplays.com

Press release-The World's only ongoing Houdini traveling exhibit

Learn about some of the Magicians who make this possible.

Go to Home Page of Dorothy Dietrich, leading female magician and a director of the Harry Houdini Museum exhibit. Covers bullet catch, straight jacket escapes, animals, TV appearances.

Go to Home Page of Dick Brookz, well known mystery entertainer and a director of the Harry Houdini Museum exhibit

Official letter from the Harry Houdini Family on recent Hary Houdini exhume headlines click here.

Google links to how Dorothy Dietrich follows in Harry Houdini's footsteps as investigator of "psychics" who claim to contact your dead relatives or even Harry Houdini. Back to top of this Harry Houdini page.
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Houdini! His magic & escapes. Only building in the world totally devoted to Houdini. Tours change & includes a magic show.

We cover Harry Houdini's career & facts about Harry Houdini not found elsewhere & growing. The World's only ongoing traveling Houdini exhibit HoudiniDisplays.com
Press release about the exhibitand our magic shows have national and international significance, having been featured on many TV Shows including The Travel Channel's "Magic Road Trip."

Open for 20 years, prior to that on display at the legendary Magic Towne House in NYC where we also did the Harry Houdini Halloween seances (Harry Houdini's home town as an adult), that was then passed on to magician Dorothy Dietrich and moved to our new location here.

The Harry Houdini Museum exhibit and our magic shows have been called one of the most unique attractions in the world. Dates and times subject to change.

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