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Featured on the Travel Channel Mysteries at the Museum
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This latest segment of ours begins at 27:11 until 35:31 with Dorothy Dietrich, The Water Torture and asking was Houdini Murdered or poisoned by the Spiritualists.

Sunday Mar 3 8am | 7c on the Travel Channel YEAR 2019-EPISODE 8. "Scared to Death, Texas School Blast Mystery and the Gentleman Bandit." Episode features about a 10 minute story with Houdini Museum-Scranton, PA's Dorothy Dietrich discussing Houdini's death. Mysteries at the Museum is a 60 minute documentary series starring Don Wildman. 23 seasons, still running since 2010. Check their site for episode showings. Episode info, & Dietrich Mirror Cuffs, & Museum, & Doyle & Houdini.

The Houdini Museum will be featured yet again on the Travel Channel on their new series Mysteries at the Museum. It will concern our wonderful display of the Mirror Cuffs, which are the ony display of Mirror sytle cuffs in the world to the public. Dorothy Dietrich discusses the mystery behind the Houdini Mirror Cuff escape by Houdini in 1904 at the Hippodrome theater in London.
Here is an outside link to a shortened version of the interview on the Travel Channel

Houdini with the famous Mirror Cuffs
Many helped in this research including many members of our Board of Directors that included Steve Moore, Fred Petella, Norman Bigelow, Mick Hazlet, John Bushey, Criss Gower, Dick Brookz, and many others that we wil add to this list shortly. It is like a who's who of escape and Houdini experts. Also the only Mirror style cuffs currently on display anywhere with a Bramah style lock. (In the fall of 2011 we were also featured on the CBC (Canadian Broadcasting Co.) in a exciting series that will feature our amazing and mind boggling quest for the missing Houdini bust.) We are considered the world's leading authority for accurate and official information about Houdini, magic, and escapes. We have been consulted by TheNew York Times, The London Times, The History Channel, The Cris Angel show and many others as consultants. We have been approved and often visited by the Houdini family who have attended many of our Houdini Seances on Halloween. When Bess Houdini stopped doing the Houdini Seances in 1936 she asked writer, author of the Shadow series, magician Houdini biographer and confidant, to continue to do the seances.
Houdini with the famous Mirror Cuffs
Before Walter B Gibson died he passed on the legacy, honor and responsibility of doing those seance to Dorothy Dietrich.

Mirror Cuffs pics
pic1.jpg pic2.jpg pic3.jpg pic4.jpg
pic5.jpg pic6.jpg pic7.jpg pic8.jpg

The above pictures are clickable.

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Before the recent blitz the Houdini Tour & Show has been on The Travel Channel's "Magic Road Trip," Biography and the BBC's "Dead Famous, and "100 Myths & Legends!"

Dorothy Dietrich recieved a lifetime acheivment award at Metro Magic on October 3, 2010 to the first standing ovation for this award.

Dorothy Dietrich was invited as a Houdini expert to speak at the``Houdini exhibit at The Jewish Museum of New York in November, 2010 in a panel discussion on Houdini. She was also the only magician asked to do an escape, for which she received a standing ovation.

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