The Grim Game Press Book


The Pressbook in the collection of The Houdini Museum consist of 24 pages and contains the following:

COVER: Showing a bust portrait of HOUDINI. A Paramount-Artcraft Picture. Famous Players~Lasky Corporation of New York. Adolph Zukor, President. Jesse L Lasky, Vice President. Cecil B. DeMille, Director General. The Cover also states: Jesse L. Lasky presents HOUDINI in "The Grim Game" by Arthur B. Reeves and John W. Gray. Directed by Irvin Willat.

PAGE 2: Shows a 1/2 dozen posters which could be ordered and used to advertise the movie. Two 1-sheets, two 3-sheets, one 6-sheet and one Massive 24-sheet.

PAGE 3: An assortment of articles: Facts of value to Exhibitors regarding Houdini and his great Paramount-Artcraft Picture, "The Grim Game". This page also has a Content listing for all 24 pages of the Pressbook.

PAGE 4: Four production "cuts and mats" showing various Houdini scenes.

PAGE 5: Full page article "Houdini Believes in Reincarnation". Celebrated Handcuff King, Star in the great Paramount-Artcraft Picture "THE GRIM GAME" discusses Occult Sciences as applied to modern methods and has little faith in Spiritualism. Tells of his perilous feats during the filming of "The Grim Game". Page also has another bust portrait photo of Houdini. Under this is a poem by Russell Holman.

PAGE 6: This page shows Six more (different from those on Page 4) production "cuts and mats" showing various Houdini scenes.

PAGE 7: The article: Houdini, World Renowned Handcuff King, has remarkably strong role in unusually dramatic and thrilling picture, "The Grim Game" fills 3/4 of this page. This is followed by the Press Review: Houdini Thrills Audience in "The Grim Game". This page also contains a detailed list of The Cast.

PAGE 8: Whole page has tips for the theatre, so it can better advertise the film. "Peter Milne's Hints on how this pages aim "To Suggest - Not To Direct" the exploitation of Houdini in "The Grim Game", A Paramount-Artcraft Picture".

PAGE 9: Full page of "Advance Press stories of "The Grim Game", to be sent to the Newspapers prior to and during the display of Houdini's great Photoplay".

PAGE 10: Full page of Movie Reviews by the New York newspapers after their advance screening of the movie on August 25, 1919. Also contains an actual photo of the two aeroplanes mid air collision during the filming -and- the $1000 Reward offering to anyone who could prove the scene wasn't actually genuine.

PAGE 11: Full page of "Publicity Notes For Live-Wire Exhibitors". For newspapers and house programs. "On this page are just the kind of news items, motion picture editors WANT and WILL PRINT at any time. Exhibitors should send a column of this page to each of their two or more important newspapers. If they prefer it, they may have their stenographer typewrite the stories and insert the name of their theatres in each items and then send them to the motion picture editors. THIS MEANS DESIRABLE PUBLICITY".

PAGES 12&13: Full-Two-Page "Seven Column Advertisement". Contains complete line drawings of the two aeroplane mid air collision, with copy about what happened.

PAGES 14&15: Two full pages of more "cuts and mats" from the movie. While the ones on Pages 4 and 6 were shots of Houdini with the movies name underneath - these two pages are Larger scenes with copy and description about the movie, as well.

PAGE 16: Full page article: HOW HOUDINI WOULD EXPLOIT "THE GRIM GAME". Celebrated Handcuff King, Expert Showman and World-Famed Illusionist, Star in a Tremendously Thrilling Paramount-Artcraft Picture, Advances Valuable Advertising Ideas.

PAGE 17: Exhibitors Letter Box and Story Mats. "Pertinent questions and answers for use in house programmes and for general publicity". Along with the various information is a nice photo cut of Houdini with story.

PAGE 18: This page has two parts. The first suggests how the theatre can use the $1000 Reward offer to gain extra Publicity for their theatre. The Houdini $1000 Reward offer is reproduced for the theatre to use. - The second part of this page has to do with the music which the piano player would play during the movie. Listing some 25 different cues along with tempos and suggested music to use.

PAGE 19: This page contains three samples for a letter writing/postcard advertising campaign. I'm assuming theatres back in 1919 would not only advertise in Newspapers, but they would also write to their customers. Samples given include one for a letter and two different versions for a postcard.

PAGE 20: "Public Confidence, Houdini's Greatest Asset". This page contains over a dozen testimonials of Houdini's escapes around the Country. These testimonials coming from Police Chiefs, Detectives, Marshalls, Wardens, etc.

PAGE 21: This is the page that just wanted to make me cry. "EXHIBITORs ACCESSORIES". This page list all the various Posters, Movie Stills, Lobby Cards, etc. which could be ordered to help the theatre advertise the movie. - 1-sheet Posters for 10 cents, 3-sheet Posters for 30 cents, 6-sheet Posters for 60 cents and the 24-sheet Poster for a dollar. A set of Lobby Cards for 60 cents. - Four different Glass Slides for a total of 60 cents. Good grief.....maybe I'll just fill out the order form at the bottom of the page and send it in.

PAGE 22: This page nicely shows the two 30"x40" Colored Lobby Displays -plus- the four Glass Slides.

PAGE 23: This page nicely shows the set of 8 Lobby Cards and Title Lobby Card.

PAGE 24 (Back Cover): Shows the Sepia Rotogravure One Sheet (12 cents). A Wonderful Poster showing the two aeroplanes "crashing in midair"; a man hanging from a rope off one of the planes; the name of the movie along with the $1000 Reward offer; an oval insert photo of Houdini from the knees up, fully Handcuffed, Padlocked and Chained.

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