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J. Gordon Whitehead, two years after he punched out Houdini, went to jail for shoplifing. One of the books proves his interest the Occult!

.In December of 1928 J. Gordon Whitehead was busted twice for shoplifting books. He was convicted and served 6 days in jail.

City of Montresl Juudicial Archives, Case number 9949. Found guilty stealing a book on December 22, 1928 from the
Henry Morgan Department Store. Sentenced to 6 days in prison. Arrest cared out by store detective Jean M. Rubillard

He is also mentioned in a dosier dated two days later, December 24, 1928 in a raid where he was living where police seized four more books, all shoplifted from Morgan's. (From "The Man Who Killed Houdini," by Don Bell, page 245, 246.)

A copy of one of those books is in our collection at the Houdini Museum, in Scranton, Pennsylvania. It is called "The Hand And The Mind."

Here is the cover and two of the pages.

It proves Whitehead's interest in occult "sciences" that was not known two years before when he punched out Houdini after challenging Houdini's beliefs in the Bible. It is just one of many links we are uncoveing about Whitehead and his character, movements and motives the week he punched out Houdini that was responsible for Houdini's death.

Please read the two pages carefully to get an idea of the Hokum presented in this book that J. Gordon Whitehead was willing to risk going to jail for. Had he been an ex convict at the time he attacked Houdini everyone may have taken a closer look at him. Especially given the theme of this book.

Cover of Occult book stolen by Whitehead  Page a Occult book stolen by Whitehead  Page b Occult book stolen by Whitehead

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